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Time to find stillness

About Meditation

Meditation doesn't need to be seen as a zen master sitting still in an uncomfortable crossed legged lotus pose for hours chanting a Buddhas mantra.

Meditation essentially is a state of being, not doing which is easily accessible and comes in many forms. Through meditation we are not trying to control or turn off our thoughts or feeling, but become the witness or observer without judgement.

It's in this state of observing without judgement that we can drop into stillness. And experience the full potential of the present moment, to help us deal with the often demanding outside world.

Benefits of meditation...

Learning to meditate is like exercising a muscle that you’ve never really worked out before. It takes consistent practice to get comfortable. And it’s usually easier if you have a guide or teacher to keep you on track.
That's where Take a Moment steps in to help out. (~Headspace)
        Meditation offerings...
  •  6 week learn to meditate 101

  • Workshops: one off or weekly series of events

  • Drop in Lunch time Meditation series

  • Workshop Meditation breakouts

  • Bespoke tailored sessions to suit you

             Example of current Workshops 

Calming the racing mind


Session involves mindfulness techniques such as breath awareness, guided visualisations and relaxations techniques to help promote calm and bring you back to the present moment.


Techniques to build mindfulness in the works place - 4 sessions


These easily explained techniques can be used to inject mindful moments into your day so you can de-stress and preform at your optimal.


Dynamic to Slow

Yang to Yin

Combining elements of a Flow Hatha practice for half the class and ending with a Yin practice.

“The goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts, it’s to stop letting them control you.”




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Corporate Clients


“Donna has completed two 8-week yin yoga blocks of classes for our firm, part of our employee wellbeing program. Each class has been full of happiness, laughter, challenges and relaxation, with always Donna bringing a unique twist to every class. The sessions have truly helped our staff focus on our own wellbeing and unwind after a big day at work. We absolutely loved Donna’s positive energy and can’t wait to continue working with her!”

Eliza, Allan Hall Human Resource Officer

Donna brings a beautiful energy to every practice and reminds us how important it is to step away from work, even for a short break to reset the mind and body.

Anna, Wild Women On Top Customer Manager

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