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Donna Freak 


~ Yoga & Meditation Facilitator ~ 

Yoga Alliance RYT-200hr | Yin Yoga YTT 30hr | Sup Yoga Teacher YA 20hr | Shiva Rae Advanced YTT 30hr

Meditation Teacher Training MTT 100hr ~ Dev Om Rishikesh India

“Hello and welcome,
I hope we can connect and together choose to Take A Moment towards calmness! “


Professional Bio

Donna truly believes that Yoga and Meditation has changed her life, and is a major component to helping her clients live a balanced life, in an ever increasingly busy world.

Donna is a certified Yoga Teacher and Meditation Facilitator with a deep passion for helping her students access the life changing powers of mindfulness practices.

Donna’s passion for Yoga and Meditation is centred around the need to balance the Yin & Yang in her life. She initially discovered the foundations of merging the Yin and Yang whilst living with a Shaman in Mexico in 2009 followed by further studies in meditation and reiki whilst living in the jungles of Guatemala for ten months.
She has been practicing Yoga for over 16 years and completed her Yoga Teacher Training under the Krishnamacharya lineage in Bali in 2015. Donna currently teaches Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga and Meditation in Sydney, Australia and has also lead retreats in Australia and Croatia. She is also the proud owner and partner in an ocean based Yoga business in Sydney, Flow mOcean, offering both SUP Yoga & Kayak Yoga classes.

Donna's aim is to inspire her students to experience connection through linking meditation and movement, giving them a personal feeling of strength, space and inner calm. She draws inspiration from her love of nature, the ocean and her recent travels in India and Bali.
In addition to her passion for Yoga and Meditation, Donna is an ocean lover, surfer, hiker and active adventurer and philanthropist. She has lead overseas charity adventure tours such as cycling through Cambodia or Trekking in Peru.

"We all need time to take a moment,

a moment to breath, a moment with nature,

and a moment to just connect with the present moment.” ~ Donna

Why I practice Meditation ?

To remind myself that nothing is perfect and everything is constantly changing. If we stop and take a few breaths we can shift our focus away from the overactive doing mind to a more calm connected state of being.

Why I teach Meditation ?

7 years ago when I was hit with post viral fatigue and adrenal fatigue and battled with no energy to even get out of bed in the morning. I was at a low point both physically and mentally. I had all the love and support around me that I needed but the mind was trying to sabotage my normal optimistic outlook. At this point a close teacher reminded me to connect back to my regular meditation practice. This shift in my daily meditation routine helped me see the light in the darkness - and that through meditation and mindfulness practices I was able to come back to my inner calm.  

So ultimately I want to share my learning and guide others through meditation on their own journey to inner calm and well-being.  Meditation doesn’t need to be this image of a zen yoga ninja sitting in a painful crossed legged lotus position. Meditation comes in many forms and with routine can be both transformative and something really enjoyable!

I look forward to sharing the practice of meditation with you! x

Retreats + Events

SUP Yoga Retreat

June 2020

Lombok, Indonesia

Yoga sailing retreat

29 August 2020

Greek Island

SUP Yoga 

Classes in Manly or Private group sessions

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