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What we offer..

Even more than before businesses are beginning to understand that the health and wellness of their workforce depend on more than just building a culture of teamwork. The workforce needs to be nourished from within, and yoga and meditation classes can help create a healthy productive workforce.


Stretch & balance the body and mind, through physical postures, or asana, uniting breath and movement.


Class can involve breath awareness, sound meditation, guided visualisations and relaxations techniques.


Essentially a form of meditation that involves different techniques to create awareness and calm the mind. 

Yoga and meditation within the office is no longer viewed as a nice to have, it is essential to facilitate a productive workforce of happy, focused stress free employees.

Donna, Yoga and Meditation Facilitator



Corporate Clients

“Donna has completed two 8-week yin yoga blocks of classes for our firm, part of our employee wellbeing program. Each class has been full of happiness, laughter, challenges and relaxation, with always Donna bringing a unique twist to every class. The sessions have truly helped our staff focus on our own wellbeing and unwind after a big day at work. We absolutely loved Donna’s positive energy and can’t wait to continue working with her!”

Eliza, Allan Hall Human Resource Officer

Donna brings a beautiful energy to every practice and reminds us how important it is to step away from work, even for a short break to reset the mind and body.

Anna, Wild Women On Top Customer Manager

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